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3 Amazing Blessings of Summer Camps (And 2 Prayer Requests)

Anna and her granddaughter Karina wanted to come to our Summer Family Camp.

Of course, we gladly said, “Come with us, this would be great!” When they showed up on our doorstep without any mattresses, sleeping bags or blankets (we still use tents for camp), we realized that this would be a problem.

They almost decided to go back home…

I am so glad they didn’t! We found an extra tent, a sleeping bag, blankets and pillows. They were able to hear great preaching several times every day, participate in amazing worship and a lot of fun activities. Of course, there was fellowship around the campfire...

The best part – Karina accepted Christ as her Savior! She is an amazing young lady who truly loves the Lord. Please pray that God would strengthen her faith and help her to be an example for Christ in her village. As far as we know, she is the only Christian teenager there (her mom, grandmother and a couple of other ladies are also believers).

Youth Camps Change Lives!​

Do you realize the life-altering impact of youth camps? My wife accepted Christ at Sagmount Youth Camp, and my daughter re-dedicated her life to the Lord also during camp. If you were saved at camp or if God profoundly changed your life, please write me a short note, and let me know your story.

I believe God still works miracles in people’s lives … not just youth, by the way…

And He gives amazing opportunities.

We were planning to have just one youth camp this summer for about 40 campers, but God provided an opportunity to hold a separate camp for 25 orphans and 5 of their unsaved teachers in August.

My wife and I personally (as well as our Russian church) are offering scholarships to the kids who want to come to Summer Youth Camp but cannot afford it. Unfortunately, there are still 20 more young people who desire to attend, but have no finances.

Camp costs $25 per teen for a whole week of spending time with God, developing wholesome relationships and seeing other teens surrendering their lives to the Lord. This is one of the most evangelistic and fruitful times in our entire year!

Please pray for God to supply this great need by the end of July. We know that He is able!

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