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Helpful Apps and an interesting blog post

As a missionary I find that I am becoming a jack of all trades (but a master of none). Recently I was an auto-mechanic, copywriter, chef, plumber, tax expert and a counselor.
To help me wear these many hats, various apps became indispensable, and I wanted to share some of them with you today:
1. DayOne – is a digital diary and a scrapbook for memories. I often record quotes that inspired me, significant meetings and things that I learned that day. I find it very hard to journal, but DayOne actually makes me want to use it. I love the design and simplicity of this app so much that I have it both on my phone and laptop. Instant Cloud backup and automatic sync with every device you have.
2. Hemingway – if you write, you NEED this free app to help you be crystal-clear and persuasive! It is so easy to use and your writing will improve dramatically. You owe it to yourself to check it out!
3. Microsoft OneNote – a “bucket” for all your notes, articles, recipes, research and ideas that you can organize and retrieve with ease. I’ve tested all of it’s competitors in existence, but prefer OneNote’s logical organization of information. I use it daily, it’s THAT helpful.
One of the things that I saved in OneNote was a blog post “How to Love the Foreign Missionary Kid” by Alison Wood. Check it out – it WILL be a blessing to you!
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