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Who We Are

Glad you stopped by! We are an independent Baptist Family laboring in Siberia, Russia for the glory of God.

Below you will find our testimonies:


I first came to the United States in January of 1994 as an exchange student. As I attended Grace Baptist Church in Brookfield, MO, God started to convict me about my need for Him. Never having the opportunity to even hold a Bible in my hands in Russia, it was a thrill to have my own copy of God’s Word. As I read it and heard sermons preached, God showed my true condition of sinfulness (Romans 3:23; Isaiah 64:6).

The Holy Spirit of God convicted me of my inability to reach Heaven by my own merit (Ephesians 2:8-9), and brought me to the point that at the Wednesday evening service on April 13, 1994, I called on Jesus, repented of my sins, and accepted Him as my personal Savior (Romans 6:23; 10:13). I came to the United States to get rich, but found true riches in my relationship with Christ. On Sunday, May 1st, 1994, I followed the Lord in believer’s baptism as a first step of obedience to God.

Later that year, as we had an annual Missions Conference, I heard the testimony of Bro. George Dimakos, a missionary to Greece. He too, came to the United States to get rich, but instead received Christ and was sent by God to reach his people in Greece. It was then, that the Lord spoke to my heart and I surrendered to do His will and reach my people with the Gospel.

I vividly remember desiring that many Russian people had at least the same opportunity as I had to hear a clear Gospel presentation and give their lives to the Lord. I forsook my plans to get a degree in Business Administration in order to help my father to run a business and transferred to Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO in January of 1995.

While attending college, I joined Hillside Baptist Church and served as a Sunday School Teacher for Primaries. This was the only church of which I have been a member while attending BBC since God impressed upon my heart to stay faithful and make a difference where I was. Under the leadership of Pastor Cecil Tolbert I was able to learn many practical aspects of the ministry. It was also during this time in college that I got to know and married my wife Debbie. She too, had a desire to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He would see fit.

After graduating BBC in May of 1999 we returned to our home church – Grace Baptist, to serve our missions internship under Rev. John Clapp. I had the privilege of preaching on a consistent basis, being involved with Youth, visitation program, holding nursing Home services and leading the Bus ministry. During my internship, the church was able to enlarge its Wednesday night Bus route from four to over twenty five young people.

On July 30th 2001, by the authority and order of Grace Baptist Church I was ordained to the Gospel ministry. Pastors John Clapp, Cecil Tolbert, Gerald and Galen Berry, Gary Williams, Timothy Banks, Stan Metts and Tom Moore participated on my ordaining council.

In April of 2002 Rev. John Clapp resigned to take another pastorate, and Grace Baptist followed God’s leading to call me to serve as Interim Pastor until May of 2003. We have resigned the church on May 4th, 2003 and started FULL TIME DEPUTATION!

On May 17th, 2005 we departed for Russia and served our first term till July of 2007.  Please see pictures of our work in Russia.


I made a profession of faith as a teenager at youth camp. I went to Baptist Bible College in 1994 and graduated in 1999. During that time I had many doubts about my salvation. On October 9,1999 I realized that I had never truly repented of my sins and accepted Christ as Saviour. I was trusting in my own merit to get me into Heaven. That day I was saved and the next Sunday I followed the Lord in believer’s baptism.

I’ve accepted the Lord’s leadership in my life and will follow wherever He leads. The past four years of working at Grace Baptist in children’s ministries, vacation bible school, ladies’ ministry and visitation have been wonderful preparation for the mission field. I believe with all of my heart that God desires us to be missionaries to Russia and I have already started learning Russian!


I want you to know that I highly recommend Vladimir and Debbie Lukyanov in their calling as missionaries to Russia. Both of them have proven over and over their sincerity and commitment to Christ. They have faced obstacles and some hindrances with devotion to their responsibilities and have shown absolute faith in God.

Pastor Stan Metts
Faith Baptist Church in Macon, MO
(660) 385 – 4133


Vladimir and Debbie already have proven their ability and dedication for the ministry. Not only were they excellent interns, Vladimir has effectively pastored for one year. Debbie has proven herself as well as a dedicated wife and having a burden to serve along with her husband.



Pastor John Clapp
Bible Baptist Church in Alva, OK
(580) 327 – 1582




It is with great pleasure and honor that I recommend to you Vladimir and Debbie Lukyanov, missionaries to Russia. This young, dedicated couple was a part of the Hillside Baptist Church’ ministries for 4 years, while attending BBC. I wholeheartedly support them and hope you will prayerfully consider them as part of the missionary outreach of your church.



Pastor Cecil M. Tolbert
Hillside Baptist Church in Springfield, MO
(417) 865 – 7286