Do you remember the AWFUL PAIN that a toothache causes?

... when you are willing to do anything to stop it?

What happens if you leave it untreated? Severe pain, tooth decay, gum infections and worse! Sadly, most parents in Siberia, Russia choose to extract their children’ teeth, rather than treat them, because it is marginally cheaper. Others ignore the problem entirely, and there are countless teens at 14, who have all their teeth abscessed.

But there is an even greater disease of SIN that affects everyone coming into this world. Much worse than an infected tooth, if sin is left untreated, it leads souls to an eternity in hell.

Meet Irina Dovbilo, a 37 year old dentist with her own clinic in Sokur, Russia. When she was 24, God saved her soul, and now she is using her talents to reach people for Jesus Christ together with Sokur Baptist Church, where she is a member!

Since she opened her clinic 2 years ago, over 1000 patients have heard about Jesus. Irina already regularly spends her profits to provide free services for low–income families, handicapped children and elderly, while witnessing and winning souls right there in her clinic.

God is opening people’s hearts and an awesome opportunity, but Irina cannot do everything alone.

Now is your turn...

When you partner with Irina and Sokur Baptist Church, you help a child escape mind-numbing toothache, save a tooth and provide his or her whole family a chance to hear about Christ!

And you would not believe how little it costs to do that! Just $10-12 buys materials necessary to treat one tooth, while root canals are only $20 with Irina and her team of doctors providing their time and labor for free.